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Design Features 

Simple, Elegant, Unique

The YachtStrop/BoatStrop © is unique in that it naturally reverts to the 'open' position, 1.5 meters long allowing for the bulk of a life jacket and reducing the need for extreme accuracy when throwing. 


 The YachtStrop's/BoatStrop's elegant design causes the centre to sink about half a meter below the surface of the sea and engage around the waist, whilst the ends attached to the buoyant rope float on the surface. This depth is adjustable.

When the recovery line is pulled the YachtStrop/BoatStrop simply encircles the man overboard. With very little practice most people, including youngsters, can ensnare a person over  5 meters away. If you did not? No problem. You simply recover the YachtStrop/BoatStrop and instantly throw it again.

SeaStrop 2.jpeg
Seastrop in water.jpeg
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