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Designed by sailors, for sailors

Our founder, David Jackson, joined the Royal Navy when he was 15 years old. He spent 25 years in the Royal Navy where he was involved in high profile rescues from helicopters, one being in the water in reported 70 foot waves, others to ships in storms and bringing bodies out of the sea. David was the rescue crewman in the "helicopter in the smoke" at the Sir Galahad rescue in the Falklands war.

After he left the navy, David became the survival instructor for the Royal Air Force of Oman. He has since sailed thousands of miles on his own yacht, became an RYA Yacht Master instructor and has taught sailing for 40 years. 


"Based on a lifetime of sea rescue and survival instructing as well as over thirty years as a sailing instructor the idea of a rescue strop that could be thrown up to 5 meters, at sea, over the man overboard or unconscious person came about. 

It then took almost twenty years, experimenting with many different materials before the perfect combination was found to produce the YachtStrop and the BoatStrop for you. 


A completely original and novel way of recovering a survivor."  David Jackson AFM, Royal Medal of Recompense Gold with crown. 

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